OAK!MERGE 17.2.0 for ACT!

OAK!MERGE 17.2.0 for ACT! was released 7/12/15 Release Notes Summary OAK!Merge 17.2 is out and has some new features including the following: Supports ACT 17.2 release as a free update to OAK!Merge 17 users. Any user running ACT 17.2 will this OAK!Merge 17.2 update or later. Added support to import files to the Documents TAB. You can now add attachments that are listed on the documents tab. These are attachments, not shortcuts or links. Added 3 Change Mode buttons on the “Selecting Import Source and Merge Destination” screen to “Copy Up”, “Copy Down”, and “Swap”. Added new History Types/Results to supported list. Support for ACT to ACT merges of History, Notes, and Activities Add environmental info to About page including a Sequential build number. Announced support for Access 2013 and Excel 2013 as import sources. It has been working in the past versions. Updated the Salesforce data migration kit (SFDMK)… read more →