XLS Error while connecting to an import source or XLSX missing

XLS ERROR from OAK!Merge:   Error while connecting to an import source.  Unexpected error from external database driver(1). This Error  is a new issue caused by a security update by Microsoft.  Microsoft is blocking the use of XLS files.  They were last used in 2003.  The current format is XLSX files,  and they work.  We are writing a new  OAK!Merge driver for XLS, XLSX, and XLSM which will be released in Jan 2018 for v20 of OAK!Merge.   v19 and earlier will no longer support XLS  files due to this change by Microsoft. For v19 and earlier, you can SAVE AS to a  CSV or  SAVE AS an XLSX file type to use with OAK!Merge.   They both work fine. If you look at your source types in OAK!Merge and you have XLS but do not have XLSX, then you are probably missing the free drivers from Microsoft.   OAK!Merge Advanced and Pro, support… read more →