Enhancements included in OAK!Merge for Act! 21.1.1

OAK!Merge 21.1.1 for Act! v21 was released 11/26/18 Release Notes Summary Enhancements included in OAK!Merge for Act!  21.1.1   Supports Act! v21 and earlier Added a Filtered Export where ANY group name can be used to filter which contacts or only the notes/histories, activities of those contacts are exported. It no longer must be “OAKMerge_Export”. “OAKMerge_Export” still works as before: it will be used if it exists and contains at least one contact.  “OAKMerge_Export” does not have to be specified in the dialog box field for “Group to filter contacts”. Added a Filtered Import that will Import data matching from a group of Contacts. When using a filtered import group, only those contacts are loaded into memory as the destination information.  This speeds up imports and supports importing into very large Act! databases. This helps avoid the 2GB memory limitation of Act’s 32 bit address space. Any group name can… read more →