OAK!MERGE 17.2.2 for ACT!

OAK!MERGE 17.2.2 for ACT! was released 9/22/15 Release Notes Summary OAK!Merge 17.2.2 is out and has one bug fix This release fixes a bug in History and Notes Exports if “RFT to TEXT” transformation is used. In OAK!Merge 17.1.2 and 17.2.0 the “RFT to TEXT” transformation is skipping data in some rows. Some plain text details do not get transformed. This resulted in a few contacts that had some plain text only info in the History details field, may have had some history details data not exported to the exported CSV. This was fixed in 17.2.2. Download the full 180 page manual or the 1 page Version Roadmap as a PDF for more information, tips, and screen shots. Users with OAK!Merge 17 can download and update their v17 installs at no charge. No re-registration is required. Users with earlier versions will need to purchase an upgrade to version 17. More… read more →