OAK!MERGE 16.1.0 for ACT!

OAK!MERGE 16.1.0 and SalesForce Data Migration Kit 16.1.0 for  ACT! 16 (2014)  was released today Enhancements included in OAK!Merge 16.1 Supports ACT V16 (2014) Imports multiple Products to multiple Opportunities in one import New Filters on the Mapping screen to limit the rows displayed Swapped source and target panels on screen1: source is now on top Swapped source and target on Mapping on Screen 2 to be: Left to Right Removed Checkboxes for LINKING fields on Mapping screen New look:  Refreshed the product look/skin/naming/ with updated buttons: Increased size of slider on scroll bar for mapping During the EXPORT of Activities, OM now exports Scheduled FOR instead of Scheduled By Improved results panel wording of counts Improved Timer: now shows seconds to more than 24 hours,  as needed Passwords in Profiles are now encrypted with 256 bit encryption Upgrade or, download the full manual at OAKMerge.com Users with earlier versions… read more →