OAK!MERGE 15.4.0 for Sage ACT!

OAK!MERGE 15.4.0 and SalesForce Data Migration Kit 15.4.0 for Sage ACT! was released today 1. Added last execute date from unattended merges to update standard user interface (UI) 2. Fixed bug:  Match and Delete Opportunities 3. Fixed Bug:  Sales Process is now updatable 4. Fixed Bug:   Notes linked only to an Opportunity will now export 5. Updated email activation email to support@oakmerge.com See previous posts for other Version 15 updates Users with earlier versions will need to purchase a version 15 license. Users with Version 15.0 or later can install 15.4 over the existing installation without having to reactivate. download current and previous versions of OAK!Merge at www.oakmerge.com