Converting from SalesForce to ACT! / new Enterprise edition of OAK!Merge

Converting from SalesForce to ACT! just got a lot easier. November 3, 2010 e Tech announced the new Enterprise edition of OAK!Merge which includes a SalesForce Migration Kit. This new version of OAK!Merge is being announced and demoed this week during Perfecting ACT! in Scottsdale, AZ. Alan Lee and Stan Smith collaborated on this new version of OAK!Merge.

The SalesForce Migration kit easily converts key information from SalesForce to ACT!   Allen Duet, of Sage, expects many users who try SalesForce and decide to switch to ACT! will need an easy migration of existing data.
Currently the migration kit includes all the SalesForce users, accounts, contacts, leads, activity history, opportunities, and attachments. All this in a load and go, one click utility, for $1,500.

It is a simple three step process:
1. Download and install the OAK!Merge Enterprise Edition with SalesForce Migration Kit.
2. Unzip the contents of a full backup with attachments from SalesForce
3. Click Go!
The standard versions of SalesForce for Contact, Group, Professional, and Enterprise work with the Migration kit. However not all versions of SalesForce have been mapped or tested. Special editions such as the Wealth Management or Not for profit editions of SalesForce have not been tested and will probably need adjustments to the standing field mappings supplied.
OAK!Merge Enterprise with SalesForce Migration kit is in limited release and available today. Contact the staff at to order.