OAK!Merge 23.1.1 for Act! and Zoho were released 3/21/20

OAK!Merge 23.1.1 for Act! and OAK!Merge 23.1.1 for Zoho were released  3/21/21

Release Notes Summary

Enhancements included in OAK!Merge v 23 

Supports Act!  v9 and later.   Does not have to be upgraded when Act is updated to a new version.

1. Conditional field updates

Conditional Update options

At the field level there are 3 options and several transformation overrides.

          1. Default is all fields are updateable BUT only update the target it there is source data.
          2. Only blank fields are updateable: Update Fields only if there is source data AND target data
          3. Only fields with data are updateable: Update fields only if there is source data AND target data is blank (this is updating only empty fields in the target.)

See the PDF manual for more info


2.   Five new logging levels for a total of 9

New Logging level menu

The Logging Level Switch is optional.  The default level is “Full”.  The default level will be used either when no level is specified, or invalid level is specified.

The possible values are:

The possible values are:

Description Alpha Code Number
No Logging None 0
Errors Only Errors 1
Errors and Warnings ErrorsWarnings 2
Errors Warnings and Skipped Records ErrorsWarningsAndSkipped 3
Records skipped due to merge rules SkippedOnly 4
Records deleted due to merge rules DeletedOnly 5
Only appended records AppendedOnly 6
Only updated records UpdatedOnly 7
Records processed successfully (appended updated or deleted) SuccessOnly 8
Full Logging Full 999

NOTE:  users who had a batch file for unattended merges and used the full logging code of 3,  need to update that to 999


3.   Five new transformations for working with GUIDs and ACCESS IDS

GUID transofrmations









All users on an active subscription can download and install v23 at no additional cost.  Activation of the new version is not required when installed to the same location as an active v22 installation.   Upgrading from v21 and earlier, requires the purchase of a subscription license.

All sales are via subscription only and renew automatically unless canceled.   No new perpetual or upgrade licenses are available.  Subscriptions are for one-year minimum with no refunds for any unused portion.