Enhancements included in OAK!Merge 19.1.1

OAK!Merge 19.1.1 for Act! was released 1/4/17

Release Notes Summary

Enhancements included in OAK!Merge 19.1.1

1. Support for v19 of Act! Pro, Premium, Cloud, and Web versions.

2. Added Beta support for the Act! WEB API connection and Act! Connect. Import New records,
Edit/Update, or Delete info in supported tables. This is new technology for Swiftpage and load
testing has exposed errors and other issues for larger files. Test your configuration before
using in production.

Supported tables include:

  1. Contacts
  2. Groups (not memberships yet)
  3. History
  4. Notes

use http://localhost/ACT.Web.API for Act! Connect URL in OAK!Merge
The API uses contact name parts, not the full name. You use First Name, Last Name, etc…

3. Added support for adding SHORTCUT attachments in History. Previously only FILE attachments
were supported. File link must be valid from the machine doing the import for the SHORTCUT LINK
to be created.

4. Added support for adding LINKED Documents on the Documents tab. Previously only FILE
documents were supported. File link must be valid from the machine doing the import for the
SHORTCUT LINK to be created. Folder and URL (links) are also supported and do NOT require a
validation at creation.

5. Added support for Office 2013 and 2016.

6. User Interface (UI) enhancements including new warnings including:
If all fields are checked for matching and UPDATE is selected, nothing can be updated; so OAK!
Merge now gives the following warning:

You have all fields checked for matching and are asking for updates if there is a match. This
combination is impossible because you cannot update a field you matched on.

note: This is for UPDATES only; Adds or Deletes would work if all fields are set to matching,
so there is no warning.

7. Keyword $BLANK$ supported for Dates and Numbers, in addition to text fields.

8. Added capability to edit target or source for existing profiles. If a path or password
changes you get an error. You can now edit the target or source paths without losing your
mappings and starting over.

9. Fixed defect to support adding info to the ZIP field when adding secondary contacts.

10. Fixed defect to stop Opportunity Actual Close date for Opportunities, with a Status of
Closed-Won or Closed-Lost, from updating if any field in the opportunity is updated.