OAK!Merge 18.1.1

Enhancements included in OAK!Merge 18.1.1

  1. Supports the new ACT v18: PRO, PREMIUM, and Web versions and Act! Essentials Cloud version
  2. First OAK!Merge version to support Importing and Exporting to the Act! Essentials cloud version including the Contacts and completed activities. Add new contacts, Delete, or update info in existing contacts. Add completed activities to existing contacts. Export all the contacts or completed activities.
  3. Delete History and Notes entries. Allows deleting specific history or notes entries (rows in the table) by specifying their ID numberYou export the notes or history to find the ones you want to delete and use their IDs to specify which ones you want deleted It does respect the limit to contacts in the OAKMERGE_EXPORT group.
  4. User Interface (UI) enhancements such as extending the size of the transformation drop down so all choices display without scrolling.
  5. OAK!Merge will now install without Act! installed locally to support Act! Essentials. It this case, Act! databases on the local network will not be accessible by OAK!Merge. This also allows other merges to run or be automated, including XLS to CSV or ACCESS to CSV or CSV TO CSV.

Upgrade or, download the full manual at OAKMerge.com for more information

Users with earlier versions will need to purchase an upgrade to version 18

Download current and previous versions of OAK!Merge at https://www.oakmerge.com