OAK!MERGE 17.1.2 for ACT!

Enhancements included in OAK!Merge 17.1.2

  1. XML format is supported for both imports and exports. Imports must be a simple data set. An XML file for use as a source may have more than one table, but only one may be selected to be use during a merge. This is similar to picking which table or query to use in an ACCESS database or which worksheet in an Excel workbook.
    The XML format is an XML table.
  2. Filtered Exports now limit the export to the info linked to contacts in a group called OAKMerge_Export
    Previously, OAK!Merge exported all rows of of the table. Now it will check for a fixed condition; a “flag”; set to limit the information exported. If a group named OAK!Merge_export exists, then only the info for contacts that are members of that group are exported. If the history table is exported, then only the history for the contacts currently in the .
    OAK!Merge_export group will be exported. This affects only Contacts, Notes, Histories, or Activities. Not the Companies, Groups, Users, or Opportunities tables.
  3. The requirement for data to be present in certain fields for exports was eliminated. Previously OAK!Merge required “Regarding” field to have data in all rows for history exports.
  4. New Keywords for $DATETIME$, and $TIME$ are available
  5. Preview mode is now highlighted. Execution options were renamed; The Validate option was changed to Validate / Preview.
  6. Training Videos for exercises on YouTube on our Training Channel
    There is also a link on “Support/Tools” button and Web site home page. The videos are 5 to 7 min each

    1. OAK!Merge – Training Exercise 1- Updating the Contacts from a CSV
    2. OAK!Merge – Training Exercise 2- Appending History in ACT
    3. OAK!Merge – Training Exercise 3- Appending Attachments to History in ACT
    4. OAK!Merge – Training Exercise 4- Group Assignment Merge
    5. OAK!Merge – Training Exercise 5- Adding Notes to ACT contacts
    6. OAK!Merge – Training Exercise 6- Adding and updating Simple Opportunities to ACT
    7. OAK!Merge – Training Exercise 7- Adding and updating Opportunities with one Product to ACT

Download the full manual as a PDF for more information, tips, and screen shots.

A new Version Roadmap PDF has the XML added as a source and destination.

Users with OAK!Merge 17.1.0 or 17.1.1 can download and update their v17 installs at no charge. No reregistration is required. Users with earlier versions will need to purchase an upgrade to version 17. More info is at https://www.oakmerge.com

Download current and previous versions of OAK!Merge at https://www.oakmerge.com