OAK!MERGE 15.3.0 for Sage ACT! was released today,  10/22/12, It includes:

  1. Added Priority field as a mappable field to Activity table
  2. Updated  SalesForce Data Migration Kit mappings and  profiles
  3. Updated manual for SalesForce Data Migration Kit ver 15
  4. Added shortcut to SalesForce Data Migration Kit to the Start menu in OAK!Merge program listing
  5. Added semi-automatic mode option to the SalesForce Data Migration Kit menu
  6. Added future activities attached to the Opportunities for SalesForce Data Migration Kit
  7. Fixed bug in updating per cent (%) in Opportunities
  8. Added new error code 254: for detecting when OAK!Merge needs to be upgraded to open an ACT! database.

See previous post for other Version 15 updates

Users with Version 15.0  or  later can update to 15.3 for free and will not have to reactivate . Users with earlier versions will need to purchase a version 15 license. Users with Version 15.0 or later can install 15.3 over the existing installation without having to uninstall or reactivate.

Download current and previous versions of OAK!Merge at www.oakmerge.com