OAK!Merge 14.1.0 Released

OAK!Merge 14.1.0 is out of beta.  It supports ACT 2012.  Users of previous versions of OAK!Merge can get special upgrade pricing to move up to Version 14.  Email sales@etechsys.com  

Version 14  also adds the new key words for $ROW$ $DATE$ $USER$.  these are additional Reserved Key Words to $BLANK$ that was added in 13.3.3 to force a blank into a field.

Key words are available for special situations to change the target field.

They may be used in the source file as data or as a constant in the Mapping section. For text fields, the key words can be part of the string,  but for date and numeric fields, key words must be exactly equal to the string.

$ROW$    This adds the row number from the source file

$DATE$   This adds current system date

$USER$   This adds current ACT! user who was used as a log in to do the merge.

Using Key Words as constants in Mapping OAK!Merge

Using Key Words as constants in Mapping OAK!Merge