OAK!Merge 13.2.0 Released

OAK!Merge 13.2.0 is released. It includes the new Enterprise version, command line options for logging, and a bug fix for deleting records selected for deletion.

The new Enterprise version includes the SalesForce Data Migration Kit for converting a SalesForce database into ACT!

The command line options for logging allow users running unattended merges to select the logging level they desire for each merge.

The Logging Level Switch is optional. The default level is “Full”. The default level will be used either when no level is specified or invalid level is specified.
The 4 possible values are:

  • None (or “0”) for “No Logging”
  • Errors (or “1”) for “Errors Only”
  • ErrorsWarnings (or “2”) for “Errors and Warnings”
  • Full (or “3”) for “Full Logging”

The new manual is also posted at

OAK!Merge  Full manual in PDF format (12 mb)